• Category: Breast Reduction Q&A

The breast-reduction consultation is a time where you have the opportunity to discuss the procedure with your plastic surgeon and make sure that he and he or she answers all the questions that you have relating to the procedure.

A lot of times people ask their family, they ask their friends, people that they've known who've had the procedure done in the past, they go on to the internet, they search the web for every single question that they have about the breast reduction procedure, but then when they show up into the procedure they go blank or they show up to the consultation they go blank and they don't ask the appropriate questions.

This is a very important time because not only are you able to get some answers to these questions but you're also able to give the surgeon an opportunity to "get inside your head" to really see what your expectations are, and allows them to create or tailor the surgery to meet your needs and actually give some a better opportunity to exceed your expectations.

So this is a very very important part of the process, it's the most important part of the process in order to allow you to achieve the results that you're looking for.

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