• Category: Breast Reduction Q&A

The use of breast reduction drains is common in breast reduction surgery. They are used to prevent swelling and buildup of fluid within the breast tissues, which can eventually lead to infections if left untreated.

Most plastic surgeons remove these drains within the first three days after breast reduction surgery.

Drains are used in breast reduction surgery in order to remove fluid and blood products that accumulate underneath the skin and the breast tissue after that's been excised.

Most surgeons use drains however there are some who don't. It really depends on your surgeons preference as to whether he places drains in and for how long these drains are kept in. In my practice I usually leave the drains in for about three days after surgery.

The drains were removed in the office during a post-operative visit and it's very straightforward and very simple but the goal is to allow the skin and breast tissue to heal back together without the interference of fluid or blood products that were may remain after surgery.

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