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Plastic Surgery Information & Tips

magazine article nick masri

Nipping, Tucking and the Fountain of Youth

Read Dr Nick Masri's article that appeared in ProHealth Magazine about how vanity work is only one aspect of a plastic surgeon's existence.

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How To Pay For Your Surgery?

Like it or lump it, cosmetic procedures cost an arm and a leg for sure, but those who’ve been under the knife can tell that they’re totally worth it.

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cosmetic surgery miami body contouring

Have You Done Your Homework Well?

Imagine having a procedure done that cost you a pretty penny and you’re still not satisfied with how your nose (or any other feature) looks or feels.

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cosmetic surgery miami anxious

Get your checklist ready!

It’s the big day! The day when you’re going to undergo the transformation you’ve been waiting for. You’re finally through the brain-wracking session of selecting a surgeon and then getting convinced that he/she is the one.

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Are You Mentally Prepared For Plastic Surgery?

Fantastic or catastrophic! The results of plastic surgeries along with the younger and better versions of celebrities have tempted many to hop on the plastic surgery bandwagon.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Basics & Trends

Constructing normal, healthier lives sometimes requires reconstructing the very features we’re blessed with.

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How Plastic Surgery Beats the Hedonic Treadmill Theory

It is a well-known fact that man is an extremely adaptable creature. It might take some time, but the majority of us can get accustomed to anything, whether it be the direst of conditions or the most luxurious of lifestyles.

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A Look at the Past and Future Trends in Plastic Surgery

They say beauty is only skin deep, but that does not mean that we no longer care for our personal appearance.

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7 Things to Expect After Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Patients who are contemplating on undergoing cosmetic surgery often focus on three things: the preparation, the actual procedure, and the final outcome. Seldom does the recovery period cross their minds in spite of it being an equally important concern.

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