Your Safety Concerns About COVID Are Our #1 Priority

florida reopened

florida reopened

As Florida and other states enter different phases of “reopening”, our client base appears to have expanded rapidly with a number of new clients coming from out of state.

I recently operated on a young woman from New Jersey.

I was curious about her motivation to travel to have cosmetic surgery. I asked her candidly, “why now with all this going on, and why Florida? Her response was very quick and well thought out. She simply suggested that what we are going through is unprecedented in her lifetime at least. Cosmetic surgery was something she was considering for a while and really didn’t have the time.

Fortunately for her, she was rehired by her employer but had a couple of weeks before her start date. She didn’t see the point in waiting for the COVID pandemic to take its course (who knows when that will be?).” I need to get on with my life”. She went on to say that she wore her mask everywhere and that she washed her hands frequently and was cognizant of the health and wellness of people around her and that she did her best to maintain social distancing.

It was clear to me that she had thought about this for a while and came up with a plan to continue her course of action under these inconvenient circumstances. She also said that her decision to have cosmetic surgery in Florida was… Obvious…. “It’s the best place to have cosmetic. She added that she trusted our practice based on its reviews and her discussions with our office staff and myself.

Another client expressed her views on having her procedure done in a hospital vs. an outpatient center or an office-based center:
“At least I know that the hospital does COVID testing on all of us having elective procedures. Who knows what those other places are doing and, if they are, is it an effective test?”

These are only a couple of examples of some of the considerations for individuals to weigh in on when planning to pursue cosmetic surgery during the Covid19 pandemic.

free consultationWe have performed telephone, and virtual consultations with potential clients across the country voicing their questions, concerns, and opinions.

Please know that your concerns, along with your safety, health, and wellbeing, are still our number one priority. Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery will continue to offer virtual and live consultations to give you the information you need to make the right decisions for you.

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