The 4 Most Common Thigh Lift Techniques

The thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that is rapidly gaining popularity among women these days as they become more conscious about the appearance of their thighs.

But the thigh lift is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, as there are various types of thigh lifts that you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. These thigh lift Miami techniques are differentiated by the size and shape of the incision, as well as the specific area being treated.

Though your doctor will evaluate which thigh lift technique will best suit you, here are the four most common types of thigh lifts that you might be getting.

Inner thigh lift

By far the most popular thigh lift technique, the inner thigh lift is a procedure made especially for people who have trouble eliminating excess fat from the inner thighs through traditional diet and exercise. Needless to say, it targets the fats in the inner thighs, but it also addresses reduced skin elasticity in the area caused by extreme weight loss or aging. It is common among women as they tend to store more excess fat in this area compared to men.

The inner thigh lift involves an incision in the groin area – the junction where the thigh meets the pubic area. It follows the contour of the G-string, meaning it goes from the groin area to the lower abdomen down either side of the pubic mound right next to the vulva and continuing towards the buttocks crease. The scar is rarely visible even when wearing panties only. Part of the preparation before this procedure is shaving the pubic area in order to minimize the risk of infection.

Through the incision, your cosmetic surgeon gains access to the underlying tissues and removes a wedge of skin and fat from the region. He will also tighten the remaining skin by pulling it up to improve the leg contours.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Thigh Lift.
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Vertical thigh lift

Also known as the medial thigh lift, the vertical thigh lift also targets the inner thigh, but only its upper portion. It reduces excess skin and fat on the upper portion of the inner thigh and is perfect for patients who have a significant amount of skin and fat to remove after extreme weight loss, usually because of bariatric surgery.

In this technique, your cosmetic surgeon makes an incision similar to the inner thigh lift incision, extending from the groin to the back of the buttock’s crease. In some cases, this even extends to the hip region. There are also times when vertical incisions are made from the groin down to the inner knee, allowing your surgeon greater access to the underlying issue. Your surgeon will then lift the skin and remove the excess skin and fat to tighten and improve the shape of your legs.

Although the vertical thigh lift produces greater improvement compared to the inner thigh lift, it does leave a visible scar on the inside of the legs. However, the resultant scar is much less unsightly than the loose, sagging skin that the patient had before surgery. It is a trade-off that the patient should thoroughly discuss with her doctor before the procedure.

Lateral thigh lift

Most often referred to as the outer thigh lift, the lateral thigh lift is designed to tighten the skin located on the front or outside of the leg, as well as the buttocks. It is more complex than the inner thigh lift as it usually involves re-contouring of both the buttocks and the outer thighs. It also entails the removal of more tissue compared to other techniques. This technique is best for patients with massive skin folds and fat bulges in the outer thighs.

During the procedure, your surgeon creates an incision that starts at the top of the leg and follows the lower edge of a bikini bottom or pair of underwear, hence creating a V-shaped incision. This incision may wrap around your hip or buttocks area, depending on what you need. Your doctor will then remove the excess skin before pulling the remaining skin up and attaching it to the same area to smoothen and tighten it. It can be done on one leg only or on both legs – in which case it is called a bilateral thigh lift.

Since it is more complex than other thigh lift techniques, the lateral thigh lift also results in more extensive scarring. The skin also ends up being less elastic after surgery, so strict weight maintenance is a must after surgery in order to continue enjoying its results.

Mini thigh lift

The mini thigh lift is a modification of the inner thigh lift that involves only a short, horizontal incision in the groin area. It is best for patients who only experience sagging tissue in the upper third of the inner thighs, typically those who have laxity related to aging, moderate weight gain, or sun damage.

After making the incision, liposuction is performed at the upper inner thigh, although the central and lower inner thigh will be suctioned as well. After the liposuction, a crescent-shaped portion of the inner thigh skin is removed just below the junction between the thigh and the pelvis. The inner thigh skin is then lifted upwards and stitched along the junction, leaving the scar just within the groin crease.

The results of a mini thigh lift are less dramatic than other thigh lift techniques, but it produces minimal scarring and requires a shorter recovery period.

Before you commit to getting a thigh lift Miami, make sure that you discuss your expectations and desires regarding the procedure with your doctor. He will decide the thigh lift technique that best suits you while considering your preferences, medical needs, and body shape.

If you want to speak to an experienced thigh lift Miami cosmetic surgeon, drop us a call and Schedule a Free Consultation with one of our certified plastic surgeons here on Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery. We will help you decide which of these thigh lift techniques will best suit you.


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