The Miracles of Tummy Tuck in Miami

mommy makeover tummy tuck

The miraculous mommy make over is undoubtedly a magic bullet for all the apple and pear shaped bodies that have lost their shape and contour somewhere between giving births and losing and gaining weight.

The fact that between 2000 and 2014 there has been an impressive increase of 87% in the number of Tummy Tuck Miami procedures performed doesn’t come to be a surprise at all, when one comes across the matchless results of the procedure. Even though most of the people approach a plastic surgeon for the procedure with the intention of improving their aesthetic appearance, boosting their confidence and most importantly getting their beach body back, and there are medical benefits of the surgery as well. This article is going to shed some light on the various benefits of the procedure and will definitely convince you to discuss your case with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon even if you were not one bit serious about it. Needless to say, the muscle tightening surgery helps in getting rid of the excess skin that sags and fat that causes your belly to stick out. While you can’t just walk in to the doctor’s office and ask them to carry out the procedure, you can surely walk into the office and discuss your goals about your body and learn if the procedure is actually for you. If you get the green light, then congratulations, you’re about to enjoy the countless blessings the procedure bestows along with the added benefits. Let’s get you started!

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Tummy Tuck.
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mommy makeover tummy tuckFigure restoration

It’s called ‘the mommy makeover’ for a reason. Technically speaking, it forms a part of the makeover with other major procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation that help you in achieving your pre-baby look back. The cost of the makeover can range anywhere between $10,000and $50,000 depending on the number of procedures as well as technicalities of the surgery. An apron belly would be a very familiar term, especially for women who have gone through the process of childbearing and birth giving. When diet and exercise are unable to get rid of this belly flap, you can definitely give surgery a shot. Also, removing the affected skin or simply tightening it results in disappearance of striae as well. A plus point! Tummy Tuck restores your figure, shapes the body and doesn’t let gravity have its way. This is the biggest aesthetic advantage of the procedure that leaves all the others behind and is obviously the most common reason for getting the procedure done as well.

Boost in confidence

In this beauty obsessed society of ours, it breaks my heart to say, but outward appearance matters a lot. People often judge you just by the way you carry yourself and what you’re wearing. People who have been in shape before pregnancies or a sudden weight gain (for various reasons) especially find this new look uncomfortable and are desperately looking for a change. You could also be someone who has an amazing overall body, but this extremely annoying mid section that you can’t get rid of is beginning to take a toll on your self esteem. The belly that keeps sticking out and you’re sick of wearing corsets and body shapers that make breathing a task too daunting for at times. The odd body shape begins to affect your daily routine when you stop going out and socializing with people, just because what would they think, how would they react and comment on you being so different (chubby, swollen, fat) from what you were. This obviously doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, but you do go down in the dumps eventually. Tummy tuck in this way not only changes your body shape and contour, but also how you feel about yourself and most importantly, it is the ultimate instant boost you’re looking for. People who have undergone tummy tuck have reported an instant boost in their confidence (turn a blind eye to the recovery period). A study backs up what people say after surgery and shows how psychological factors improve body posture merely by boosting confidence [1]. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good about yourself, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want. Imagine! You can now fit into your clothes and not just fit but look really great in them too… What more do you want?

Urinary incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI), something women experience (commonly) after a normal vaginal delivery. This is marked by a sudden leakage of urine on straining, coughing or sneezing and is basically a problem associated with bladder control. According to a study conducted to determine the effect of abdominoplasty on urinary incontinence in a large population and to identify common characteristics between them, it was proven that the procedure may diminish the symptoms of Stress urinary incontinence, especially amongst women who haven’t undergone a previous C-section [2].

Improved tone and posture

You may notice an improvement in body posture and tone after the surgery. Well, the tone obviously is because of muscle tightening and an improved body posture is because of the tightened muscles supporting the spine. This also, provides with a medical benefit of relieving back pain. A study highlighted that the improved posture following abdominoplasty is a consequence of the surgery (changes in mass) as well as psychological factors [1]. Patients with redundant abdominal skin and anterior muscular wall weakness are often having kyphosis, since they try to hide what in their opinion is a source of embarrassment. The surgery not only improves the actual body shape but also eliminates dissatisfaction resulting in a boosted self-esteem as well as reduced anxiety. This improvement in quality of life thus is a consequence of both the physical and psychological benefits of the surgery.

Mons pubis lifting

Remember the added benefit mentioned in the beginning? Yeah! This is the one. Mons pubis gets reduced and lifted up as a result of abdominoplasty, something that you aren’t really expecting. Also, at times people find their thighs have an improved contour after the surgery. This is because the operation often pulls up the medial thighs too. You may find your surgeon examining your Mons pubis (which could be saggy) as well as thighs during initial examination. Guess what?… These added benefits don’t cost an extra penny! Yet another interesting aspect is how the surgery changes the lifestyle as well as eating routine of people. Pleased with their post-surgery looks, people zero in on eating healthy and avoiding junk. Also, they make exercise an integral part of routine so that the new look stays as it is. Interestingly, this changed lifestyle or healthier lifestyle leads to a reduction in visceral fat which in turn leads to a reduction in insulin resistance and the risk of developing diabetes mellitus. So, tummy tuck indirectly motivates you to keep a healthy lifestyle. How does that sound? Abdominoplasty makes improvements that are meant to last, unless you plan pregnancies or gain excessive weight. The life-changing procedure becomes a wonderful experience especially if you let an experienced  board certified cosmetic surgeon perform it. To know more about various aspects of the procedure, please feel free to contact us and learn how a tummy tuck can be the ultimate makeover for you.



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