Weight Loss Surgery Basics

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Weight Loss Surgery Miami has become a very popular and effective method for weight loss in the obese population, allowing one to lose more than 100 pounds in less than a year.

Procedures such as Gastric Bypass, Laparoscopic Gastric Banding (Lap Band), and Sleeve Gastrectomy can produce dramatic weight loss, and promote a state of both physical and emotional health. Not infrequently, diet and exercise regimens will result in a similarly substantial weight loss. After a weight loss plateau has been reached, plastic surgery may be performed to both improve aesthetics and to alleviate symptoms.

Plastic Surgery Procedures after Bariatric Surgery

weight loss surgery miami 2The benefits of bariatric surgery are extensive. Medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure have been resolved following gastric bypass surgery. Sleep apnea and musculoskeletal ailments have also been effectively treated with these recent surgical weight loss techniques.  In some cases however this rapid weight loss has lead to problems related to skin laxity. This laxity results from the loss of the elastic components of the skin, which allow it to maintain its tone and contour over the body. This hanging or redundant skin may cause irritation of the underlying areas resulting in breakdown and infection. Unfortunately, excessive hanging skin and fatty deposits of the abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms are an unwelcome consequence for those successfully achieving their goals in weight loss.

Resolution of these medical ailments are at times undermined by the aesthetic consequences. It is difficult to appreciate weight loss only if judged by a number on a scale. The physical rewards of weight loss following surgery are at times less fulfilling as a result of these aesthetic disappointments. The goals of post-bariatric plastic surgery are to restore contour and shape lost after these procedures and to complement the medical benefits derived from them.

Post Bariatric Surgery after Weight Loss

If you think you might be a good candidate for body contouring cosmetic surgery after weight loss, this page will give you a basic understanding of the procedures and the results you can expect. You are encouraged to read more about the specific procedures in greater detail on our website.

The needs of patients who have experienced significant weight loss are extremely unique; every individual’s story, concerns, and goals are their own.  Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery is exceptionally qualified to help reveal the “new you”. With significant weight loss over a relatively short period of time, the remaining skin often does not retain the elastic qualities necessary to “shrink back down” to your new underlying shape. This often leaves patients with excessive amounts of hanging skin that creates a multitude of problems such as daily hygiene and finding clothes that fit properly.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Weight Loss Surgery.

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One of the most important considerations for a plastic surgeon to realize is that a bariatric patient must be treated differently from non-bariatric body contouring patients. What has worked well for many years on other patients simply does not provide adequate shaping and contouring for the bariatric patient. Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and the subsequent significant weight loss have numerous but similar areas of concern. Obviously all of these concerns cannot be addressed simultaneously during one operation. However, two procedures usually can be safely combined.

As you consider plastic surgery, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your surgeon. Our pledge to you is to provide the latest, state of the art cosmetic plastic surgery in a safe, compassionate and professional environment. At Face + Body, our goal is to provide you with “the ultimate patient experience.” Our well-trained staff will help you understand your procedure, our financial policies, the scheduling of your surgery, your post-operative care and guide you with any insurance related questions.

Our approach is to individualize treatment to your specific circumstances and goals and to ensure that you have an adequate understanding of the issues involved so that you are able to make a fully informed decision. This will help you achieve the appearance you desire, thus creating a mutually rewarding experience. We invite you to visit our office for a complimentary consultation to discuss these procedures in greater detail. You are also invited to email us with your questions, or we will mail you more detailed information regarding these procedures.

Many cosmetic procedures are covered by health insurance if they can be shown to be medically necessary.  We work with your doctor and your health insurance to provide proper documentation in order to authorize these procedures.  In cases where procedures are not medically necessary or we cannot obtain authorization, the costs of the cosmetic procedures may be defrayed by doing medically necessary procedures (such as gynecological procedures or hernia repair) at the same time.

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