Which Breast Enhancement Procedure is Gaining Steam?

Breast Enhancement Procedure is Gaining Steam?

Breast Enhancement Procedure is Gaining Steam?

Hint: It’s not the breast augmentation…

Breast augmentations have been the most popular and prevalent plastic surgery since the introduction of breast implants to mainstream media in the later 1900’s. And, still, this procedure leads the way in 2013 with 290,224 breast augmentations performed by American Society of Plastic Surgery certified

plastic surgeons. But, it is not the fastest growing surgery out on the market today. In fact, it has only increased at half rate of the faster growing trend – breast lift procedures.

Breast lift procedures have increased by 70% since the year 2000 while breast augmentations have only experienced a 37% increase. But, the number of breast augmentations is still significantly higher and it is believed that it will always be the most popular plastic surgery. Breast lifts only account for 90,006 plastic surgeries done in 2013, but they are rising at a significant pace.

Breast lifts are done to remove excess skin and “perk” the breasts up to where they should be. There are several life events that cause the breasts to sag and require a breast lift. Aging alone can do the damage, b ut there are two main reasons that woman are discovering breast lifts.


After significant weight loss, your breast will sag. So will the rest of your body. Your skin has likely lost the majority of its elasticity and therefore cannot hold its form. When this happens, gravity wins and the skin and breast tissue sags. A breast augmentation won’t help in this case. With a breast lift, though, the surgeon is able to remove extra skin that has accumulated and lift and tighten the breasts.


The other top motivator for breast lift procedures is the effects of pregnancy. The torture that your body goes through during childbirth is incomparable to any other natural process in life. Aging takes a toll on us, but not like childbirth. And then you have to breast feed! After that you can pretty well say goodbye to the perky, full, young looking breasts. But it’s nothing a breast lift procedure cannot change. The effects of pregnancy in fact, have people turning to all kinds of plastic surgery these days.

So you may be wondering… are my breasts in good condition to have a breast lift done? So let me tell you have you can determine that. Of course, through consultation with a plastic surgeon you can ask all your questions and get all your answers about the procedure. But as a little “at home” test, try the pencil test. The pencil test is when you take a pencil and place it on the underside of your breast. If the pencil stays, you are potentially a good candidate for a breast lift. If the pencil falls to the ground, you shouldn’t be too concerned with the perkiness of your breast quite yet.

A combination breast lift and breast enhancement may also be right for you if you desire  young, rejuvenated breasts after significant weight loss, pregnancy and aging.


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