You Lost the Weight … Now Get Those Curves!



You just lost tens of pounds of body fat, trimmed down your waist by 10 inches, and you are now getting compliments from left and right about how fabulous you look! But… you look in the mirror and take a look at your backside and notice how saggy your buttock area is looking. You just can’t imagine how you will ever be able

to strut around your new and improved body when your body has left you with so much excess skin. Well, there’s a way to get back into a bikini and back by the pool. A procedure called “gluteoplasty” is one way to clean up the excess skin and emphasize the body contour that lies beneath the skin.


We all want the curves of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian, but some of us just aren’t as fortunate to have the tight bottom and curvy waste… even if we worked our tail off in the gym to get the thin waste. So, to help accomplish the curves we’ve always wanted we go under the knife. A gluteoplasty is a procedure that removes any excess skin that is getting in the way of your figure while also taking away any other tissue that may be prohibiting your curves from shining. By doing so, a plump, round booty is shaped.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Weight Loss Surgery.

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Another surgical technique is The Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure is one where you are actually injected with your own fat in hopes are accomplishing more curvature. The buttock area is also lifted and tightened, but this is far different than a tradition gluteoplasty since you actually receive injections.

It sounds like an easy procedure to have done after all your weight loss accomplishments. However, many people who have undergone these types of surgeries have realized after the fact how much you use your butt on a daily basis. It’s easy to forget until you’re trying to rest by sitting… on your surgical incisions! Sitting is actually prohibited during the healing process. Instead, you have to do everything without sitting on your butt, and you must sleep on your stomach. Oh, and you also can’t drive during this healing time. The healing time varies for everyone, but generally, your backside is out of commission for about ten days. After that, you can slowly start to include your bottom in your daily activities.


The number one complaint about gluteoplasty procedures is the resulting pain.  It is recommended to have 24 hour care for at least the first five days.  Normal, daily tasks become much more difficult.  However, some testimonies are more encouraging and explain that the pain was easily managed with simply Tylenol Extra Strength.  Either way, no matter what your pain tolerance, it is best to be prepared for the worst and have the appropriate help lines on speed dial.

Despite the downfalls of a gluteoplasty, it does give you a great booty. You can expect to be showing it off in the gym after one month of recovery. And before you know it, you will be sporting that bikini, telling everyone the secret to your amazing weight loss success!

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