You’ve Lost the Weight. Now What?

You’ve Lost the Weight. Now What

You have lost weight, either through diet and exercise alone or through gastric bypass (also known as bariatric surgery; see recent posts which describe this surgical weight loss option). In the past I have discussed the fact that sometimes, though you have lost a significant amount of weight, your hard work may be hidden by excess loose

and baggy skin.

You’ve Lost the Weight. Now What

Excess skin in the lower body can be addressed through the Mermaid Lift, a procedure trademarked by the surgeons at Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery. The common post-weight loss loose skin on the arms can be addressed by an arm lift procedure. But what about your chest area?

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Weight Loss Surgery.

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Men who have lost a lot of weight may still be uncomfortable removing their shirts at the beach because of saggy skin on their chests. This is often corrected with a male breast reduction procedure.

Women who have lost a lot of weight may find they are left with low hanging or sagging breasts which they may describe as “empty skin”. In this case, a breast lift procedure may be appropriate. The breast lift is often coupled with a breast augmentation procedure. After the loose skin is removed, the skin and underlying supportive structures of the breasts are lifted to their optimal aesthetic position on the chest. Next, the surgeon uses an implant, either saline or silicone depending on patient preference and needs, to restore shape and volume to the breasts.

In healthy patients, many of the above procedures can be done on the same day. An upper body lift which includes an arm lift, a breast lift with implants in women or a breast reduction in men, and removal of excess skin and tissue from the back, sides and chest, is commonly performed in individuals who are post-weight loss . This complex and extensive procedure must be performed in hospital, and requires diligent post-operative care for optimal results and healing.

Losing significant weight can be wonderful for one’s health; it requires hard work to maintain, and is something for which those who are successful should be proud. The surgeons at Face + Body are able to help “big losers” feel fabulous in their new fitter body, by helping to make the outside (skin) match the inside (lean tissue).

If you or someone you know have had an upper body lift or any of the procedures in this article, we would love to hear about your personal experience and how it has changed your outlook, your lifestyle, or your life. Get in touch by email to info [at] FaceBody [dot] net.

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